Queen’s vs Dale: derby no. 173

The Victoria Recreation Ground, home of Queen’s College is where the 173rd game between Queen’s and Dale will take place. The closeness of the 123-year-old rivalry is told in the head-to-head where Queen’s hold a narrow 80-76 (16 draws) lead.

In a sense this match is also a “return of the prodigal son” encounter. Career choices took both Dale Head Coach Grant “Griffy” Griffith and Queen’s Head of Rugby John Duncan away from their respective schools for a short while starting in 2012. Griffith, a Dale legend was the first return to lead Dale in 2014 and recently the highly respected John Duncan has also made his way back “home” after his period in the non-rugby wilderness.

For either team just a win on it’s own in this tradition filled game is a huge deal. In the context of the whole season though, Saturday’s game is an opportunity for Queen’s to salvage something from a campaign that struggled to get going, depicted best by the early season defeat to Grens. There was however one memorable win against Grey High which showed the potential of the Queen’s 2014 team. For Dale the derby is possibly a make or break match. Win it and they can feel that they’ve got the rewards they deserve out of the season because they beat the teams they were expected to beat while forcing some of the big guns in SA rugby to dig deep in order to beat them.





  1. This is like two brothers playing each other this game will be very close believe anyone of the two could win.

    QC does not have Jerry and as far as I know 1 other regular so could be difficult . I think what will be of interest is to see how many games Dale can win in total.

  2. QC have a 51,28% win ratio against Dale at 1st team level over the years which is very close. Were as they have a 81,39% win ration when you take all teams into account. What is interesting earlier this year Dale for the first time in history won over 50% of the games which is very interesting.

  3. @Ludz: Please watch the u15A game…and watch the little QC flyhalf. Their (QC u15A) backline was sublime against Selborne.

    Do you have private transportation to QC this weekend? I want to tag along :wink:

  4. @Knight_CHS07: @Ludz: @Queenian: Also saw the Under15A team against Selborne agree the Flyhalf and the 1 centre are really kids to watch for the future also the rest of the backs were all above average. I know the QC Under16A team has really not clicked this year either but the Hooker is a star in the making as are the 2 centre’s and 1 1 wing also Fullback who all shone at the Grant Khomo Week.

    In 2016/2017 QC will have one of those wonder backlines again and with John Duncan back watch this space.

  5. Two things define a successful season at Dale…a win at reunion AND a win at the Rec on the last game of the season.Though 2012 was a great season results wise, with a reunion win in the bag…that 28-0 loss at the Rec undid all of that. I am sure the boys will be thinking of that day, and Griffy won’t let them forget. This will be a tight contest, pick a winner at your won peril.

  6. @Queenian: Dale was last ahead of Queens in 1967 with I think a 35-34 win ratio. The 70’s were 50/50, but QC took the lead again, then stretched it in the 80’s. In the 80’s Dale won 5 games (didn’t win a single game between 1982-1986) and QC 15. Tables then turned in the 90s with Dale winning 15 and QC winning 5.

    In my time during the 90s, on the average derby, Dale would win the 1st team game and lose all the other senior games (2nds to 8ths), and we would win most of the junior games. I’d say QC enjoyed a 60-40 win ratio on average. I had the displeasure of seeing some results from the 80s and 70s where QC would whitewash Dale on most occasions :(

  7. @Roger: For our (Border) sake I hope you are wrong sir. If all the Border Schools can keep their talent until 2016/2017, then we will be very strong at Craven Week and at school level like in 2011.

    When I was at Dale two weeks ago, I spoke to some of their u15 players and they told me that another 2/3 boys will not be at Dale next year because they were promised “greener pastures” else where :( .

  8. @Playa: whitewash? 8-O yhu! Most probably in those days Port Rex did the same to CHS :mrgreen: …highly unlikely though.

    Will you be going watch the game at the Rec?

  9. @Knight_CHS07: I heard about those ‘green’ promises. Such is life, we’ll have to do with what we have. We may be losing some under 14s as well – the most decent of our junior teams :(

    I’ll unfortunately be missing the game at the Rec. Maybe fortunately after my heart nearly stopped beating at the Graveyard encounter. I may make it if tonight’s lotto winner donates his winnings to me though :mrgreen:

  10. @Playa: Yho! Not those u14’s please…I give up. Cambridge had the best u14A team last year, those boys were ranked 19th in SA at the end of last season. They lost 2 games, one against Grey PE and one against QC at the REC.

    Almost half those boys are no longer at Cambridge :( .

    If Ludz can arrange transport, then I’ll go watch the game in Queenstown.

  11. I see a narrow Kudu win here by 3. QC should win most the other games besides maybe Under 14A

  12. Results over the years:

    1891: Dale won by 5 goals and 1 try to 1 goal
    1926: Queen’s won 6-0
    1927: Dale won 64-0 and 50-5
    1928: Dale won 5-0 and Queen’s won 6-3
    1929: Draw 8-8 and Dale won 3-0
    1930: Queen’s won 10-3
    1931: Dale won 8-3 and a Draw 0-0
    1932: Queen’s won 8-0 and 3-0
    1933: Draw 3-3 and Dale won 4-3
    1934: Dale won 21-8 and a Draw 3-3
    1935: Queen’s won 12-10 and 6-3
    1936: Queen’s won 3-0 and 17-5
    1937: Queen’s won 10-0 and 14-3
    1938: Dale won 6-3 and 9-5 and 13-8
    1939: Queen’s won 6-9 and Dale won 6-3
    1940: Queen’s won 11-0
    1941: Queen’s won 16-3 and 9-6
    1942: Dale won 3-0 and Queen’s won 9-0
    1943: Dale won 9-5 and Queen’s won 17-5
    1944: Queen’s won 20-8 and 12-0
    1945: Queen’s won 15-6 and a Draw 6-6
    1946: Dale won 3-0 and 6-3
    1947: Queen’s won 19-0
    1948: Draw 3-3 and Queen’s won 6-3
    1949: Dale won 17-3 and Queen’s won 17-0
    1950: Draw 3-3 and Queen’s won 9-3
    1951: Draw 13-13 and Queen’s won 8-3
    1952: Draw 3-3 and 3-3
    1953: Queen’s won 11-6 and Dale won 3-0
    1954: Draw 3-3 and Queen’s won 16-3
    1955: Dale won 11-3
    1956: A Draw 6-6 and Queen’s won 9-5
    1957: Dale won 8-3 and a Draw 6-6
    1958: Dale won 19-0 and Queen’s won 8-5
    1959: Dale won 6-3 and Queen’s won 9-8
    1960: Dale won 6-0 and 3-0
    1961: Queen’s won 9-3 and 8-3
    1962: Dale won 6-3 and Queen’s won 3-0
    1963: Dale won 13-3 and 6-3
    1964: Draw 14-14 and Dale won 6-3
    1965: Dale won 19-11 and 9-0
    1966: Queen’s won 12-3 and a Draw 8-8
    1967: Dale won 3-0 and Queen’s won 6-3
    1968: Dale won 11-0 and Queen’s won 9-8
    1969: Draw 6-6 and Queen’s won 14-10
    1970: Queen’s won 12-11 and 20-3
    1971: Dale won 17-9 and Queen’s won 9-6
    1972: Dale won 11-9 and Queen’s won 4-3
    1973: Queen’s won 8-6 and 8-3
    1974: Queen’s won 10-3 and 13-12
    1975: Dale won 21-8 and Queen’s won 12-11
    1976: Dale won 24-0 and 12-8
    1977: Dale won 16-15 and Queen’s won 10-7
    1978: Dale won 12-10 and Queen’s won 18-7
    1979: Queen’s won 8-4 and 25-0
    1980: Queen’s won 17-6 and 27-3
    1981: Queen’s won 7-6 and Dale won 27-3
    1982: Queen’s won 25-22 and 22-6
    1983: Queen’s won 9-3 and 18-6
    1984: Queen’s won 16-6 and 24-3
    1985: Queen’s won 9-3 and a Draw 12-12
    1986: Queen’s won 15-13 and 18-7
    1987: Dale won 3-0 and 10-6
    1988: Queen’s won 12-8 and 13-9
    1989: Dale won 13-0 and 16-3
    1990: Dale won 33-0 and 22-13
    1991: Queen’s won 21-7 and 10-3
    1992: Queen’s won 3-0 and Dale won 21-8
    1993: Dale won 12-6 and 15-9
    1994: Dale won 19-9 and 18-9
    1995: Dale won 22-5 and 20-6
    1996: Dale won 15-6 and Queen’s won 18-9
    1997: Queen’s won 16-12 and 31-21
    1998: Dale won 8-6 and Queen’s won 13-10
    1999: Dale won 26-9 and 18-3
    2000: Dale won 20-0 and 29-8
    2001: Queen’s won 27-21 and 15-7
    2002: Dale won 13-0 and Queen’s won 18-7
    2003: Dale won 25-14 and 31-17
    2004: Dale won 13-0 and 29-13
    2005: Queen’s won 17-6 and 23-13
    2006: Queen’s won 23-13 and 20-10
    2007: Queen’s won 30-15 and 16-3
    2008: Queen’s won 19-15
    2009: Queen’s won 17-15
    2010: Dale won 21-8 and Queen’s won 27-18
    2011: Dale won 7-3 and 38-31
    2012: Dale won 21-18; Queen’s won 28-0
    2013: Queen’s won 23-10 and 6-0
    2014: Dale won 13-12

  13. @Ludz: I saw on the QC website that Jake White will be present for this classic Derby. That should motivate the Kudu 1st XV to win.

    @Playa: Dale and CHS better win tommorrow. :mrgreen:

  14. @Playa: He was at Dale Junior?….Interesting.

    Please Gentlemen let’s not be shy about score updates for this derby

  15. @Knight_CHS07: i read on his book, he said he left Dale because of his parents splitting up, if I remember correctly his mom dragged him back to GP

  16. @Andre: All reports I’ve heard point to a very exciting game of rugby.It was always going to be tough at the Rec.Well done to QC on a great come back,and sneaking in a victory.Hard luck to the Dalians.Boys you can look back proudly on a successful season.

  17. The Dalians played a jolly good game, Parle Voo!!!
    The Dalians played a jolly good game, Parle Voo!!!
    The Dalians played a jolly good game, but the Queenians beat them all the same, inky pinky Parle Voo voo voo :mrgreen:

  18. All the scores with QC only losing 2 games.

    14C won 15-0
    14B won 19-5
    14A lost 20-38
    15B won 7-5
    15A won 41-3
    16C lost 10-14
    16B won 34-19
    16A won 27-14
    5TH won 24-0
    4TH won 17-3
    3RD won 38-15
    2ND won 14-13
    1ST won 35-33

    QC also won the Under 13 A I think the final score was 21-19

  19. @Queenian: 13A won 10-7..12A won 40-5. Young Taine Duncan (Mr Duncan’s) is a prop in that young u12A side. Much like our current u15A side..they seem to have the same problem of beating everyone else except for Selborne

  20. @Ludz: Jeeez 40-5! I don’t think I have seen such a heavy loss against QC at that level in my 20 odd years of being associated with Dale.

  21. @Ludz: How did Mr Kroutz (excuse the spelling) play in the u15A game???

    @Playa: It will only get worse bra. The current Dale u15A will be missing 2 or 3 players next year. :(

  22. @Queenian: He’s been playing 1st team hockey all season. Hasn’t played any rugga this year. Spoke to him on Saturday though, he says he wants to play rugga again next year

  23. @Knight_CHS07: Brilliant again, he’s tiny but he’s got heart. Special rugby player, he’s just got it all at 10, awareness, vision, distribution and a great boot. He’s a bit like Dewald Human, brilliant young player

  24. @Ludz: Wow and they have done well without him he is one of the best school centre’s I have seen hope he is back next year that would make them a really top notch Under 16 side.


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