School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 23/08/2014

Sat 23/08/2014 Nelspruit 20 19 Garsfontein Beeld Macro Sch Final
Sat 23/08/2014 Klerksdorp 27 15 Transvalia Beeld Large Sch Final
Sat 23/08/2014 Grey College 25 20 Paul Roos Grey College is confirmed as SA’s No.1 team in 2014
Sat 23/08/2014 Diamantveld 21 37 Louis Botha Shimla-Liga SF (Louis Botha vs Noord-Kaap in the final)
Sat 23/08/2014 Voortrekker (Beth) 15 22 Noord-Kaap Shimla-Liga SF
Sat 23/08/2014 Queen’s 35 33 Dale
Sat 23/08/2014 Cambridge 17 15 Hudson Park
Sat 23/08/2014 Framesby 25 10 Nico Malan
Tue 19/08/2014 Drostdy 13 15 HJS Paarl BH Die Burger Large Sch SF
Mon 25/08/2014 Marlow Outeniqua Die Burger Large Sch SF
Wed 20/08/2014 Milnerton 12 17 Augsburg Die Burger Medium Sch SF (Augsburg vs Brandwag in final)
Sat 23/08/2014 Punt 19 26 Brandwag (Uitenhage) Die Burger Medium Sch SF
Sat 23/08/2014 Bellville 17 5 DF Malan
Sat 23/08/2014 Bishops 36 17 Drostdy
Sat 23/08/2014 Boland Landbou 13 7 Oakdale On TV
Sat 23/08/2014 Brackenfell 22 22 Tygerberg
Sat 23/08/2014 Wynberg 13 15 Paarl Gim
Sat 23/08/2014 SACS 9 30 HJS Paarl BH
Sat 23/08/2014 Stellenberg 30 15 Durbanville
Sat 23/08/2014 Rondebosch 41 7 De Kuilen
Sat 23/08/2014 Hugenote 12 7 Swartland
Tue 19/08/2014 SA Schools 40 15 Wales u18
Tue 19/08/2014 England u18 23 6 France u18
Tue 19/08/2014 Italy u18 38 21 SWD XV
Sat 23/08/2014 SARU Academy 48 29 Italy u18 12h00
Sat 23/08/2014 Wales u18 10 9 France u18 14h00
Sat 23/08/2014 SA Schools 22 30 England u18 16h00


  1. Beet, the Boland Landbou vs Oakdale game will also be on TV. That game is on 210 at 12:00 and the Grey / PRG 14:00. I’m not sure what will be shown on 319. The SA Schools game will be on 208.

  2. cant ask for much more with no1 vs no2 to decide the unofficial champs of 2014!!!!
    c’mon PRG :twisted:

  3. Boereoorlog oppie Plaas. Sien uit na ‘n lekker dag van harde rugby tussen twee trotse skole. Mag die Bolanners die seisoen op ‘n hoogtepunt afsluit.

  4. @PRondersteuner: Alles van die beste aan al die PRG leerders, ouers en ondersteuners en mag almal veilig reis. Oakdale gaan beslis taai wees, maar ‘n Bolanner speel nie om te verloor nie, so daar’s hoop. Jackson is ‘n puik speler en sal gemis word, maar daar is steeds oorgenoeg talent oor met Hamman, Barnard en Heunis daar.

  5. @PRondersteuner: Ja JT is nog Gr11, asook die res van die agterlyn, behalwe 13. Voor is 5 van die voorspelers ook Gr11, so julle sien weer 11 van die manne volgende jaar op die Plaas, met ‘n paar Grant Khomo spelers en Seccies wat sal spook vir daai 4 oop posisies.

  6. @Ploegskaar: Saterdag gaan verseker taai wees. Oakdale is bietjie af die kwartaal en sal alles moet uithaal. Darenteen speel Boland al hoe beter en dink ek hulle kan die gunstelinge wees met tuisveld voordeel. Sien uit na ‘n lekker dag met al die ouderdomsgroepe wat baie kompetend gaan wees. Ek dink onder 16 gaan ook ‘n riller wees!!

  7. @Oakdale supporter: Ja die o16 game gaan beslis taai wees. Sou egter nie Boland se eerstes as gunstelinge beskou nie, Oakdale het ‘n lekker span en goeie rekord hierdie jaar, so die Bolanners sal moet jol om by te hou. En pak maar jou Wellies, more reën dit vir die 3de dag hier, so die Plaas gaan ‘n pappery wees.

  8. Eish…Cape weather being snaaks again today…hope the weather gods play fair and it’s nice and dry on Saturday for the Berg vs Gim clash. The winner, in my view, may well just be the number 2 team in the WP this year. 8-O

  9. I heard that Captain and Vice Captain Barnard and Timm will not be playing and in addition talented centre Frylinck and Scott are all out with injuries for tomorrows match for Wynberg again PGym. I know Gym have some absent players but Wynberg just does not have the depth to fill those gaps like Gym. A pity as I was looking forward to a close game and the possibility of Wynberg pulling off an historic win.

  10. @Toffee: Eish! What a pity. Don’t lose faith…this is schoolboy rugby. Injuries/unavailability of key players opens up a lot of uncertainty and possibilities.

  11. Results for Wynberg vs Paarl Gym
    Firsts 13 -15
    16 A 27-34
    15A 10-19
    14A 25-10

    Wynberg played well in the first half and did not finish off a few opportunities. In the 2nd half Gym dominated and particularly in the last 20 minutes and The Berg showed a lot of heart to keep it so close. In the last 20 Gym won a number of tightheads and Wynberg could just not get out of their half and relieve the pressure. Gyms no 6 and 8 were very effective carrying the ball. Gym won it with a penalty in the final 5/10 minutes but it would have been a travesty had they lost as they scored what looked like a genuine try which was not awarded as the ref was unsighted. Congrats to Gym.

    Nice to see all the Wynberg A teams being competitive and the under 14’s winning.

  12. @Ploegskaar: Congrats on the win this weekend. It shows what I’ve thought the entire season, that Landbou are a much better side than the rankings suggest. They have lost a number of close games to top sides and I’m glad they finally got a good win.

  13. @Toffee: When I saw that four of Wynberg’s top players weren’t playing I feared the worst. I’m really proud of the way all the A sides fought, but can’t help but feel slightly aggrieved that the first XI lost to Paarl Boys, Gim and Paul Roos all by 2 points.

    Do you have any info regarding the injuries and if any of the boys will be able to play their final match in the Derby next week.

    Just my final thought on the Gim game. I think your summary was fair and gave a clear indication of events. I think Barnard was missed the most and could have been the difference of the day. Hope you enjoyed the rugby nontheless.

  14. @Gold: Thanks bud, I think the pent up emotion from winning a close one for a change, could clearly be seen on the faces of the players after the match. It was a season of character building for the youngsters for sure, hopefully it will stand them in good stead next year.

  15. @Gold: Wynberg very unlucky this year. I think it is a real quality side. I remember before the season started a certain blogger predicted that a side with a lot of grade 11 ,players that played first team in 2013 and had a bad season ,couldn’t be any better a few months later in 2014. He was referring to PRG and Wynberg. I just wonder how his humble pie is tasting now. His super side only won by 2 points agains Wynberg and lost to PRG :mrgreen:


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