School Rugby Fixtures & Results – week ending 17/05/2014

Tue 13/05/2014 Sentraal (FS) 0 34 Grey College
Tue 13/05/2014 Jim Fouche Sand du Plessis
Wed 14/05/2014 Graeme 21 50 Grey HS
Wed 14/05/2014 Alberton Riebeeckrand  Abandoned – no ref
Wed 14/05/2014 Linden 29 0 Dinamika
Sat 17/05/2014 Glenwood 65 3 Port Natal
Sat 17/05/2014 Glenwood 2nd XV 29 10 George Campbell
Sat 17/05/2014 Maritzburg College 29 17 Kearsney
Sat 17/05/2014 Westville Empangeni/R’bay  Westville 1st DNP
Sat 17/05/2014 Northwood 11 27 Michaelhouse
Sat 17/05/2014 Hilton 18 15 DHS
Sat 17/05/2014 Clifton 60 0 Pinetown
Sat 17/05/2014 Voortrekker (Pmb) 13 45 St Charles
Sat 17/05/2014 Cambridge 6 24 St Andrew’s
Sat 17/05/2014 Dale 13 12 Queen’s Reunion Day
Sat 17/05/2014 Grey College 34 16 Selborne
Sat 17/05/2014 Hudson Park 51 0 Stirling
Sat 17/05/2014 Port Rex 22 50 Kingswood
Sat 17/05/2014 KES 10 36 Affies On TV
Sat 17/05/2014 Jeppe 10 9 Pretoria BH
Sat 17/05/2014 Noordheuwel 13 16 St John’s
Sat 17/05/2014 St Andrew’s (FS) 10 29 St Alban’s
Sat 17/05/2014 Parktown 16 9 St Stithians
Sat 17/05/2014 St Benedict’s 21 64 Monument
Sat 17/05/2014 Helpmekaar 73 5 Pietersburg
Sat 17/05/2014 Brackenfell 21 30 Strand
Sat 17/05/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr 20 32 Augsburg
Sat 17/05/2014 De Kuilen 17 52 Bishops
Sat 17/05/2014 Boland Landbou 14 18 HJS Paarl BH
Sat 17/05/2014 Oakdale 28 21 Drostdy
Sat 17/05/2014 Outeniqua 37 12 Stellenberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Paarl Gim 48 0 Tygerberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Paul Roos 24 22 Wynberg On TV Ch 319
Sat 17/05/2014 SACS 13 12 Rondebosch
Sat 17/05/2014 Swartland 17 10 Bellville
Sat 17/05/2014 Worcester Gim 19 17 Hugenote
Sat 17/05/2014 Waterkloof 19 44 Garsfontein
Sat 17/05/2014 Centurion 35 32 Menlopark
Sat 17/05/2014 Nelspruit 24 8 HTS Witbank
Sat 17/05/2014 HTS Middelburg 44 12 Middelburg
Fri 16/05/2014 AHS Kroonstad 27 43 Voortrekker (Beth)
Sat 17/05/2014 Welkom Gim Kroonstad HS
Sat 17/05/2014 Hentie Cilliers 19 20 Goudveld
Sat 17/05/2014 Louis Botha 54 14 Fichardtpark
Sat 17/05/2014 Sentraal (FS) 21 26 Jim Fouche
Sat 17/05/2014 Kempton Park 27 33 EG Jansen
Sat 17/05/2014 Die Anker  7 29 Marais Viljoen
Sat 17/05/2014 Alberton 12 17 Jan Viljoen
Sat 17/05/2014 Linden 38 24 Bastion


  1. Dit was nie GC se 1st span wat gespeel het nie – Cherries versterk met twee 1st span spelers. Verwag ‘n baie harde wedstryd die naweek teen Selborne – kon nie nog beserings bekostig nie.

  2. EG Jansen vs Kempton park again in their annual derby> Could be a good game.Kempies showed a big improvement in their last two games, last one winning Monument. The previous score between Kempies and EG Jansen was a 39-0 score in favour of EGJ. I am sure we will not see the same scoreline again. The under 14/A game might also be a thriller after there was a 3 point difference between the two of them in the tuks reeks 1/4 finals in favor of Kempies

  3. Kearsney Old Boys and College Old Boys as usual, an awesome evening of drinks and snacks for the best prematch banter as we all reminisce the years gone before.
    Venue: Kearsney Greyhound
    Time: 18:00 tomorrow (Thursday) night.

    Please pull in guys; it’s the most incredible evening. See you guys there!

  4. At this stage Westville 1st team fixture is still to be confirmed. Perhaps they will be given a break. The 2nds and 3rds are playing against Empangeni and Amanzimtoti respectively.

  5. From a mate in the “States” Free States, Goudveld 20 – 19 Hentie Cilliers

  6. Try scorers for MHS were Potgieter, Broadley, Pretorious and Furniss with two conversions and a drop goal for Pretorious.

  7. @Far Meadows: I thought MHS neutralised the NW front row, but the lack of handling skills by both sides was frustrating. MHS had too many opportunities go begging. NW loose forwards were good and their centre has a huge boot, but rather one dimensional.

  8. U14A College won a real tussle
    U15A College won comfortably, can’t remember the score
    16A 24-8
    6th. 60-0
    4th. 36-5
    3rd. 36-5
    2nd. 36-15
    1st. 29-17

  9. @Gungets Tuft: All it needed was another converted try to make it 36 as well, the symmetry would have been nice. I think KC won some of the lower U15 matches, not sure. First hockey was 6-3

  10. U14A – 29-15 to College – a real bun-fight till the last minute.
    U15A – 26-5 to College – KC never really in it, well worked out beforehand.

    Ja -the 1st XV wrecked Gungets OCD mission for the top 4 open teams to score 36 points. If they got the final converted try he would have been ecstatic. :mrgreen: 29-17 perhaps a little flattering to KC I thought but some great rugby by both sides. Clearly Tedder and Hall were well marked and were not allowed to stamp their authority on the game.

  11. @GreenBlooded: College 14A actually won 32-15, there was a penalty on full time. A fantastic second half from them as they were 5-15 down.

  12. @McCulleys Workshop: I thought both #1’s were very good (hence the wheel of the scrum. From MHS, Jackson and the scrumhalf were very good (Jackson would have been my man of the match overall). The tall lock jumping in the front also impressed.

    NW had a really bad day, where nothing worked and they looked sluggish. The only ones to impress were the locks. Good to know the margin was only 16 on a bad day.

  13. @RugbyDad: I agree with your comments. I think NW have been a little too reliant on their forward dominance and when up against a well drilled competitive pack they lose structure and their attacking options/play becomes very one dimensional. They didn’t get clean ball from any of the set pieces, which they have become used to. Jackson was great.

  14. Boland Landbou vs Boishaai results:
    14a lost 13-29
    15a lost 0-40
    16a lost 13-16
    3rd won 13-10
    2nd lost 7-15
    1st XV lost 14-18

    1st teams’ score may look close and Boishaai only scored the winning try in the last minute, but on the balance of play they were deserved winners, as they had more and squandered many scoring opportunities. They are a very well coached team that plays structured rugby, play for each other and for the entire 70 minutes. Likewise Boland must be commended for their tenacity and defense, as well as their coaches for the simple but effective game plan that plays to their current strengths. See you next year at Brug Strepies!

  15. @QC86: After the match against Affies, the previous Saturday, quite a few expected this to happen sooner or later this season, but you are right, I dont think many, expected it to happen yesterday. Interesting about yesterday, is that Diamantveld provided some teams yesterday, obviously where Selborne could not provide teams. Looking at the historic ties between QC and GCB, this actually gives me hope that they can resume the traditional encounters between the two schools. Surely, they can have a similar arrangement when playing Queens and when they play in QT, why not involve Hangklip to provide some teams. Your thoughts on this? I know that there are so many old boys on both sides of the fence who would like to see the contest resumed.

  16. @Umtata: How about that big call from Jonathan Kaplan at the end there :mrgreen:, looked alright from where I was standing, but take that 1 on the chin!!! All in all, an amazing game of rugby, both teams deserved to walk off the field with their heads held high, certainly from the perspective of a Queenian, the boys left everything on the field, proud even in defeat!!!

    Jerry Danquah is very raw, but the boy has talent in bucket loads, his power and pace are amazing

  17. @Umtata: Griffy and Big Daddy must have had few cold ones after the game. Where was the game played? If it was at Queens even better, the Queens supporters are good fun.

  18. @BoishaaiPa: Het maar van die ou telbord af gekry, ieder geval ‘n oortuigende wen, beide julle o14a en o15a spanne is kookwater en julle 3de keuse 9 die MOM vir my in die 1stes se game.

  19. Biggest surprise up north for me the Centurion win over Menlopark. Centurion ending up in the lower half of the Tuks reeks and still beating a high profile Parkies team!!@Ploegskaar: @BoishaaiPa: Boishaai age group teams are in a class of their own in the south (and nationally) it seams? Both their U/14 and /15 teams must be top in the “Ploegskaar” rankings.

  20. @GreenBlooded: That U14 and U15 results are huge particularly the U15’s. Kearsney rated their U15 team. Next weeks matches on Bassons will be absolute crackers….again.

  21. @GreenBlooded: GB. Can you please help me with the laws? Yesterday when College were down to 13 men KC were awarded a scrum in the College 22. College no7 Le Roux dropped back into the backline before the scrum was set. He was called back to join the scrum. I was not aware of that law – seems a double standard that you can reduce line out numbers but you can’t do the same with a scrum? Is it a safety thing because College were dominating the scrums so no risk there I thought? Not criticizing the ref, genuine ignorance on my part.

  22. @umbiloburger: The U15 result was huge – last year as U14’s, College managed a single point victory (18-17) at Kearsney so a massive improvement. My opinion (and there are those who will disagree) is that Kearsney are far too reliant on their spectacular No 8. All it takes is a simple strategy to shut him down and Bob’s your Aunty. That’s what happened yesterday.

  23. @Ludz: Ludz all went well until just after half time with the score on 20 – 16. Selborne got a yellow card (team yellow with Grant being the unlucky one to be sent) and Grey was able to capatalize and score 2 tries that brought the score to 34 – 16. Selborne was in the game but did not go and score when they had the opportunities, but Grey the well deserved winner on the day. Players that stood out for me: Morgan (10), David (12) and Grant (2). Selborne has some injuries (5) with 2 being serious, so some concerns before St Andrews game this Saturday.

  24. @Redblack White: You cannot reduce the number of players in the scrum for tactical reasons. In this case, 2 backline players were in the sin-bin and College still had all 8 forwards on the field. The only time scrum numbers can be reduced is when forwards are not available due to injury, suspension or an incomplete team. The other team must reduce it’s numbers accordingly so that the scrum is balanced. You are correct that it is primarily a safety issue.

  25. @Redblack White: This is from the Law Book – U19 Variations – Law 20.1(f)

    In an 8 person scrum the formation must be 3-4-1, with the single player (normally the Number 8) shoving on the 2 locks. The locks must pack with their heads on either side ofthe hooker.

    Exception: A team must have fewer than eight players in its scrum when the team cannot field eight suitably trained players in its scrum due to either the team not fielding a complete team, or a forward player being sent off or temporarily suspended for foul play, or a forward player leaving the field because of injury.

    Even allowing for this exception, each team must always have at least five players in a scrum.

    If a team is incomplete and it cannot field eight suitably trained players in its scrum, the scrum formation must be as follows:

    If a team is without one forward player, then both teams must use a 3-4 formation (i.e. no No.8).

    If a team is without two forward players, then both teams must use a 3-2-1 formation (i.e. no flankers).

    If a team is without three forward players, then both teams must use a 3-2 formation (i.e. only front rows and locks).

    When a normal scrum takes place, the players in the three front row positions and the two lock positions must have been suitably trained for these positions.

  26. @GreenBlooded: Not sure I agree with the 29-17 scoreline being flattering to KC – One intercept try against the run of play and another converted try from what I understand was a clear forward pass and the scores would have been 17 All :mrgreen:

    Regardless of the score – College were clearly the best team on the day, well done to them along with all the age group teams – impressive mission accomplished.

  27. Tristan Tedder pointed out to Andrew Nicholson that Le Roux could not fall back; it was a Kearsney scrum; and he (Tristan) wanted the advantage of 5 on three in the backs. It think it is a safety thing and agree.

  28. @GCollege86: it’s a pity about the yellow card for Grant, game might’ve been a little different. I was talking to the boys on Thursday after their practice, they were really up for it! Well as long as they enjoyed it, it’s not easy at all in Bloem.

    5 injuries, that is hectic. Hope they don’t distract the team much though, the boys are going really well and it would be a pity if injury messed up their good run so far. Did Davy and Mark go well in their game?

  29. @Ludz: I thought he was very unlucky to get the card. The team got a warning minutes before and unfortunately he was the unlucky one to get the card. Could of happened to anyone in the team. He had a great game up to then and when he came back on again made some big hits before he got injured. I rate him the top hooker in Border this year by far.

    The u15’s were 12-7 behind by half time but the dam wall broke and the score ended on 34-7. All they did second half was defend.

  30. So the Glenwood George Campbell ‘banana skin’ has come and gone, the 2nd team beating their 1st team. A few more skins to contend with, especially a fired up Northwood……

  31. @Grasshopper: Nice. It’s one of those; “phew” situations. Each year there are a couple teams you just don’t want to be over confident with. You guys got College this week? Should be awesome game. I reckon we gonna come down to watch. Kearsney have a long weekend so will pop down. Good luck.

  32. @GCollege86: definitely, he’s our best hooker here at Border, QC86 must’ve been very happy with his performance then.

    Hopefully get back to winning ways this weekend in Grahamstown

  33. @Pedantic: true that it could have been a lot closer in the end.. The momentum really swung when vd Linde and Watson were carded. I just felt that your outside backs kicked away good ball even when the overlap was on. They should have scored quite a few times during the 2 man advantage period but just we’re not clinical enough. One guy that really deserved something on the day was Hall – plays with serious gusto! Your no 12 was also super quick and I felt he could have done something! Great entertainment though :lol:

  34. @Anti Green: not sure of the win ratio but have not heard of too many losses. Next week will indeed be massive – GW on old boys day will be a huge challenge and these fixtures always bring out the best in the teams. One certainty is the guys will leave nothing out there and it will be classic rugby for sure. GW look to be in deadly form so we hold our breath :mrgreen:

  35. @Redblack White: I think one loss and one draw. College fully syked and played impressive rugger. This weekend will be a massive day all the way through.

  36. @GCollege86 First up well done to the team, checked back the last 10 yrs, this was the 2nd best result vs Grey Bloem, and the best away result.Sorry to hear about the injuries, you mentioned two were serious ,who were they, hope all back to match fitness soon. Looks like great depth this year, 2 nds doing very well, so hopefully, not too many injury disruptions. Good luck for Sat vs St

  37. @kcob: see you there. going to be awesome atmosphere and will be a close affair. The Goodson/Coetzee battle is one to keep an eye on .

  38. @Grasshopper:Grasshopper: from the last few local games (House, DHS and Porties) I would say Joubert is a far bigger loss. From the little iv seen of College im worried about the balance of Glenwoods loosies. From the write ups of the College games, Tharrat is playing very well. A lack of a proper fetcher in the Glenwood team definitely swing the game in Colleges favour!

  39. It’s a pity – would have been nice to have both teams at full strength for such a big occassion . KC enjoying a long weekend so we will be there in force to support… The kicking department needs a lot of attention from Glenwood. Joubert looks far too mechanical when kicking for poles .his angles are all wrong when addressing the ball as well as at contact time.
    Wish I could spend an afternoon with him but that would be after the KC/Glenwood fixture.

  40. @Buffel: Well since you won’t assist GW until after your game, how about helping out the College kicker – seems to be struggling a bit too :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  41. @Buffel: I totally agree with you. Im not the greatest when it comes to coaching goal kicking but I picked up those same problems in the Glenwood v Westville game! And since then there has been no improvement

  42. @Dixon’s: Mac & Venter are good ‘fetchers’ so I wouldn’t be too worried there. Both boys are on fire at the moment. I wonder who will come into 8 now…

  43. @spilly: The seconds did very well to win. Like the 1st team, they have a lot of young (Gr.11) players in the team.

    The serious injuries (long term) are Grant (2) with knee injury and Bowden (6) with dislocated shoulder. Not so serious is Tian (14) groin, Voight (3) ancle and Milanie (11) I think ancle.

  44. @Grasshopper: i am 100% in agreement that both are fantastic players and are on top form, but i must disagree that they are fetchers. There are very few teams that employ a pure fetcher anymore, with rugby moving to the emphasis on power with big fast ball carrying forwards, the old school openside flanker is being phased out. which is sad.

  45. @Pedantic: I see Tedder is a talented cricketer as well as rugby player. It’s not common these days to have a boy playing 1st cricket and rugby.

  46. @Dixon’s: Yeah, but then you watch Brussouw on the weekend and think why Heyneke does not have his name first on the team sheet, he is like having 2 players… my opinion better than Flouw. Do you know if Vidima is out all season or might be back at some point? Who will play 8 now, Palvie?

  47. @Grasshopper: Brussouw is the perfect example of how effective that type of player can be. Not only are coaches not selecting those types of openside flankers, but that style of play is not even being coached much anymore.

    I coach an under 13 side at a local primary school and i have a boy that plays openside flank. Small boy compared to the others and very quite, never says a word. but if i asked him to he will tackle a brick wall, never far from the ball and always making a nuisance of himself at the breakdown, like you said worth 2 players. one of the first names on the team sheet. that type of player can change the dynamic of the game.

    i saw Vidima still in a big leg brace with crutches. and im not sure who will be the new 8 for saturday, but i will try to find out more.

  48. @Anti Green: Seems quite common at Kearsney – apart from T Tedder, the 3 Gr 11’s in the 1st XV are also 1st XI players (J Tedder, Pau and Dixon).

  49. @spilly: Thanks for the info .All the best for Grant, with treatment, and physio , i am sure he will be back soon.Any news on the Selbornians for Craven Week and Grant Khomo, see the u 16 a team were beaten badly .

  50. Affies vs Centurion hierdie naweek, gaan groot wees aangesien Centurion vir Menlopark gewen het.
    Geskiedenis van Affies vs Centurion : [Affies se tellings eerste]
    1963 11-0
    1964 6-9
    1968 WEN
    1969 6-16
    1970 15-0
    1971 6-11
    1972 18-6
    1973 29-7
    1974 34-4
    1975 0-10
    1976 25-22
    1977 18-13
    1979 6-4
    1980 24-4
    1981 16-10
    1982 4-3
    1983 6-6
    1984 19-3
    1985 25-3
    1986 30-12
    1988 22-6
    1989 12-10
    1990 25-3
    1991 19-0
    1992 11-6
    1993 59-5
    1994 36-11
    1995 14-6
    1996 48-3
    2005 31-12
    Gespeel : 30
    Wen : 25
    Verloor : 4
    Gelykop : 1

  51. Rohan Janse van Rensburg replaces the injured Duncan Matthews in the Baby Boks squad.

    Should’ve been there in the first place, but glad he is now.

  52. First win at pta boys for jeppe since 1998 10 – 9 good psychological boost for the rest of the season after the banana slip in Northwood.
    In fact all a sides won
    2rd Jeppe 33 – 9
    U16 Jeppe 45 – 0
    U15 Jeppe 13 – 8
    U14 Jeppe 44 – 7

  53. @OudAffie: Why has there been only one match between Affies and Centurion in the past 18 years?

    @Grasshopper: If you are looking for a good 8th man, I believe that there is a decent player at Jan van Riebeeck. :wink: 8-O :lol:

  54. @Vleis, Daar was geen interskole nie so al hoe hulle mekaar kon speel is in kompetisies, naamlik Beeld of Blou Bulle liga od Tuks reeks.

  55. @Grasshopper: You have a good no 8 in your school who joined your ranks last year. He, Desmore and Kobbie joined at the same time. Played Bulls U/12,13 and 16. Also a good athlete.

  56. @Pedantic: 1st XV Cricketers in the rugby 1st XV setup were/are: Harris 15, Pau 12, Tedder 13, Tedder 10. Heard Pmb colleges best years were when their backline was full of their 1st XI cricketers.

  57. @kcob: Yeah but Harris is out of rugby and cricket now. Has Dixon been dropped from the 1st XI ? Sorry, I didn’t know :)

  58. @Ludz: Ye I know what you mean I was there as well and the pass looked fine to me as well but I doubt in anyway Kaplan was wrong.

    Actually went to this game thinking Dale would win by at least 15 points but in the end I would say they were lucky to win.

    But I must say this was a good advert for schoolboy rugby.

  59. @BOG: You speak about the GCB vs QC encounter getting back on line, the other day when I was in Bloem I heard the same thing from a coach at GCB that they were going to try and get this back up and running. The approach was that it would be a full fixture in 2016 again. In 2015 the plan was to have a Wednesday game on the one week were the schools do not play on the Saturday and would only be 1st/16A/15A/14A.

    Don’t know who you spoke to but the Hangklip issue came up as well were the plan would be from 1st to 3rd would play QC 4th’s would play Hangklip 1st and 5th’s QC 4th’s and so on with a Total of 24 rugby games.

  60. @QC86: Your son is playing good rugby next year should be a big year for him never saw the Grey game but I hear Selborne put up a good fight.

    After speaking to Queenian last month I have been surprised by Queens I really thought they were no hopers this year since the Kes game they seam to be getting better each game and were unlucky not to come away with a win against Dale on Saturday.

    I actually think the second QC vs Selborne game in EL will be a close affair.

  61. @Ludz: Sad to think that this QC team has been robbed of players like Ashton Fortuin and co, just because of the Blue Bulls greed.

  62. PRG v Wynberg,
    RUGBY: UITSLAE (17 MEI 2014)
    Sat 17 Mei 19A WBHS Wen 24 20
    Sat 17 Mei 19B WBHS Wen 40 10
    Sat 17 Mei 19C WBHS Wen 45 6
    Sat 17 Mei 19D WBHS Wen 48 0
    Sat 17 Mei 19E WBHS Wen 89 0=
    Sat 17 Mei 19F WBHS Wen 69 0
    Sat 17 Mei 19G Bergvliet 19A Wen 10 7
    Sat 17 Mei 19H Bergvliet 19B Wen 63 0
    Sat 17 Mei 19I HHH 19C Wen 33 0
    Sat 17 Mei 16A WBHS Wen 23 20
    Sat 17 Mei 16B WBHS Wen 31 7
    Sun 17 Mei 16C WBHS Wen 19 18
    Sat 17 Mei 16D WBHS Wen 57 0
    Sat 17 Mei 16E Bergvliet 16A Wen 22 7
    Sat 17 Mei 15A WBHS Wen 45 0
    Sat 17 Mei 15B WBHS Wen 48 0
    Sat 17 Mei 15C WBHS Wen 39 3
    Sat 17 Mei 15D WBHS Wen 103 3
    Sat 17 Mei 15E Bergvliet 15A Wen 10 3
    Sat 17 Mei 15F HHH 15B Wen 46 0
    Sat 17 Mei 14A WBHS Wen 34 0
    Sat 17 Mei 14B WBHS Wen 22 0
    Sat 17 Mei 14C WBHS Wen 74 0
    Sat 17 Mei 14D WBHS Wen 58 7
    Sat 17 Mei 14E Bergvliet 14A Wen 37 0
    Sat 17 Mei 14F HHH 14B Wen 29 7


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