KZN one win away from Grogper Cup 2014 glory

One and a half points secured on the road via a come from behind draw by Maritzburg College against KES and a convincing win by Westville against Pretoria Boys High has placed KZN within one game of winning the 2014 Grogper Cup. The next set of games are in KZN and take place on Saturday 24 May 2014.

1 Neu Sat 29/03/2014 Pretoria BH 39 8 DHS Grey PE Fest 1 0
2 Neu Mon 31/03/2014 KES 20 17 DHS Grey PE Fest 1 0
3 Neu Mon 31/03/2014 Pretoria BH 17 21 Kearsney Grey PE Fest 0 1
4 Neu Mon 31/03/2014 Jeppe 14 20 Glenwood Grey PE Fest 0 1
5 KZN Sat 12/04/2014 Pretoria BH 28 42 Maritzburg College 0 1
6 Gau Sat 19/04/2014 St Stithians 10 34 Hilton St Stithians 0 1
7 Gau Mon 21/04/2014 KES 50 15 Northwood KES Festival 1 0
8 Gau Mon 21/04/2014 St John’s 26 13 St Charles St John’s 1 0
9 KZN Sat 26/04/2014 Jeppe 17 31 Northwood 0 1
10 KZN Sat 26/04/2014 Parktown 8 34 DHS 0 1
11 KZN Mon 28/04/2014 Parktown 18 36 Northwood 0 1
12 Gau Sat 10/05/2014 KES 25 25 Maritzburg College 0.5 0.5
13 Gau Sat 10/05/2014 Pretoria BH 5 35 Westville 0 1
14 KZN Sat 24/05/2014 KES Westville
15 KZN Sat 24/05/2014 St David’s St Charles  Cancelled  –
16 KZN Sat 31/05/2014 St John’s Michaelhouse
17 KZN Sat 31/05/2014 St Stithians Kearsney
18 Gau Sat 02/08/2014 Pretoria BH Maritzburg College
277 331 4.5 8.5


  1. @Roger: I’d say that St David’s will be favourites against St Charles…but only marginally, as the game is away. Also, I understand that PBHS has been decimated by injury recently. As they only play MC in August they may have many key players back, plus it is at home….so they have a chance of winning that one.

    Other than the above, the chances of any other wins for the GEMS is absolute zero (i.e. -273 degC) – especially now that St John’s have lost their star player for the season.

  2. @Vleis: That is sad news if I’m interpreting it correctly – St John’s no.8 Henson out for the season :(

  3. @Roger: Wonder if there is any truth in the rumour that Affies is going to give KES sticks on the hockey field this weekend??

  4. @woltrui no not likely the KES hockey side just beat Affies 4 1. Hockey played today due to schools involvement in hockey tournaments this weekend.

  5. @beet: @Roger: Yes, I’m told that a piece of his jaw went into his brain (I think), so he is out for the whole season, or maybe longer. Such a shame.

  6. @Vleis: There is no St Davids vs St Charles game any more. We stopped travelling to Johannesburg for some reason.
    We now play against St Andrews in Bloem and to make up for lost fixtures against St Davids and St Albans, We play Clifton And Michaelhouse twice.

  7. @ Vleis- how can KES have zero chance of beating Westville? After all on BHP’s top 30 they are ranked 24 and Westville 27. :mrgreen:

  8. @Crash Ball: OK thanks for that.

    @star: Yep sorry, I forgot how inconsistent KES are, so they do have an outside chance of beating Westville away. If it was at home, I would have had it at 50/50 or even KES as marginal favourites.

  9. @Grasshopper: I had the same thought. At the Kearsney tournament we luckily cleaned up the other KZN schools. Not Glenwood though. We are waiting for you’s okies in Pretoors. :wink:


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