It’s Paul vs Roos at PRG school rugby trials

Paul Roos Gymnasium head coach Hein Kriek is bound to have one of those preferred headaches tomorrow when the process of narrowing down a big pool of talented  candidates to just a starting 1st XV starts in earnest with a rugby trial match on Thursday, 27 February.

Starting teams for one of the trial games
Apart from the players listed below, other players will also be involved in trials and will have a fair opportunity to prove themselves worthy of places in the 1st XV. The trials process will run over a few weeks.

# Paul XV WP Elite 2014 # Roos XV WP Elite 2014
1 Christian van Deventer 1 Carl Prinsloo
2 Jacques van Zyl WP ES 2 Robert Matthee
3 Jerome Korff WP ES 3 Christian Hamann
4 Dean van Tonder WP ES 4 Louis Conradie
5 Matthys Niewoudt 5 Emile Cloete
6 Petrus Nienaber 6 Jaques Oosthuizen
7 Mitchell Carstens WP ES 7 Barend Louw
8 Michael Meyer WP ES 8 Joa Swart
9 Herschel Jantjies WP ES 9 Calvin Nel
10 Aidynn Cupido WP ES 10 Reinhardt Fortuin WP ES
11 Edwill van der Merwe WP ES 11 Saag Jonker
12 Edrich Venter WP ES 12 Sebastian Uys
13 Matt Gallow 13 Nico Leonard
14 Adrian van Niekerk 14 Veranzo Pypers
15 Morne Taljaard 15 Joshua Vermeulen


  1. There are 90 boys that took part in assessments the last 6 weeks. There are 4 teams playing trials today and on Monday and the boys involved in the T20 cricket finals are excluded from the teams.

  2. Oulike seun mens kan sien waar is die fondasies gegooi. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Maar as Hein nie beter as derdes haal nie is julle scrummies van hoe gehalte.

  3. @PaulRoosPa: Is jy daar vandag? Indien. Sal graag jou indrukke wil hoor. Paar verrassings in die groep wat Beet opgesit het. Een of 2 o 16’s uit B en C spanne laasjaar.

  4. @Tjoppa: Ek verstaan hy is goeie leier ook. Kom mos van Affies en na 1 jaar in my seun se koshuis, gekies as koshuishoofseun. Nee ons kyk maar Tjoppie. Die 2 wat daar is het net al laasjaar daar roteer. Dalk is Heinie beter.

  5. @Koos Roos: Koos I must add the reserves as well but as PRP says there are 4 teams at trials, summer sportsmen missing and the selection process continues for a number of weeks. I think the boys even have a camp for 1sts, 2nds and 3rds in Riversdale during the term break. So far from completed process. But that said, when the team is officially announced for St Johns, I’m sure most players perhaps all will come from these 2 teams listed above.

  6. @beet: It should be close. I hear Hamman might move to loosehead as well. Van Tonder is in the WP squad as a flanker, so yes. There might be different names in the end but like said. It should be close. Wish I can take off to have a watch myself, but someone has to work.

  7. @beet: One thing I have to say. It looks like Hein and Brendan are making damn sure they get the teams as close to the right mix as they can. With all the trials and camp they plan.

  8. I see after yesterday’s trial game a 1st team squad of 23 boys has been selected to face the visiting Argentinian teams.congrats to the boys who have made it thus far,lots more hard work ahead……

  9. @phat55: The team selected is very similar to the original team posted on the blog a few weeks ago. I think the only change is that Nico Leonard partners Edrich Venter ahead of Matt Gallow

  10. @beet: thats correct sir! nice little opportunity for Nico(family of Anton Leonard im told) to show what he can offer…..really exciting talent!


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