Cape Schools Week 2017 – provisional fixtures

Sat.01Jul Boland Landbou Grey HS Cape Schools Week
Sat.01Jul Rondebosch Dale Cape Schools Week
Sat.01Jul Wynberg Queen’s Cape Schools Week
Sat.01Jul Stellenberg Muir Cape Schools Week
Sat.01Jul SACS Selborne Cape Schools Week
Mon.03Jul Boland Landbou Muir Cape Schools Week
Mon.03Jul SACS Dale Cape Schools Week
Mon.03Jul Rondebosch Queen’s Cape Schools Week
Mon.03Jul Stellenberg Grey HS Cape Schools Week
Mon.03Jul Wynberg Selborne Cape Schools Week


  1. Anybody know why Paarl Gim excused themselves from this tournament next year… is it simply because of the unavailability of CW players.

  2. @HE: I don’t know what the ‘official’ reason is but I suspect it is a mixture of this (unavailability of CW players) and also preparing for the big one in the third term (by rather having a proper rest and a constructive camp in the holiday and not playing a mixed team, putting players at risk of injury). Despite this making sense to me, it saddens me to think the boys in the geel, groen, maroen won’t be partaking in a very exciting tournament.


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